Never to late to donate!

Your blood bank especially appreciates your donations during the holidays!  I hit 101 donations yesterday!


4 thoughts on “Never to late to donate!”

  1. Congratulations and thanks for giving. I concur with what you said because I work in a blood bank where there is a lull in giving during the Summer. This past week I hit the 3 gallon mark. Way to give!

  2. Congrats. Paula. I hit the 5-gallon mark at my last donation, but I do double reds, so I can’t donate as often (every 16 weeks). Still have a ways to go to catch you.

    And remember folks–donating blood is easy, virtually painless, and essential to help those who need blood in an emergency. Think of donating blood as a down payment on the day YOU might be in a bad accident or have surgery and need to receive blood. The Red Cross is ALWAYS looking for donors because there is a chronic shortage, which gets worse in summer.


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