Make My Day, My Brother and My Nephew!


Been trying to hook up with my brother for months. He is busy running his business. I keep forgetting to turn the ringer on my cell phone on!

Yippee!  Called my brother tonight and my nephew is visiting him. I got to talk to them both! (Only because my nephew said “Hey dad I think thats your phone ringing” where my brother answered “No that’s the movie we are watching” and my nephew said “No it’s your phone…….”

Wait, I thought my brother was a busy entrepreneur but the truth is he just doesn’t realise his phone is ringing…..

Thank goodness my nephew was visiting.  He is attending West Point and was in town because he was giving a speech.  (Brag brag brag, I could go on and on but I want my nephew to take care of me in my old age so I can’t embarrass him too bad!

Make my Day, got to talk to two of  my favorite people in the whole wide world!




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